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GRIPPS® A+A 2023 Debut: The Future of Falling Object Prevention Innovation

by Adam Green 02 Oct 2023

GRIPPS®, the leader in falling object prevention, is excited to announce its presence at A+A 2023, the world's leading trade fair for safety and health at work. Join us to EXPERIENCE THE FUTURE OF FALLING OBJECT PREVENTION INNOVATION!

GRIPPS Stand A+A 2023

Event Details and Schedule

Mark your calendars for October 24-27, 2023, as GRIPPS® joins A+A 2023 in Düsseldorf. Visit our booth at Hall 1, Stand C18, from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM daily. Engage with our experts, explore our innovative tool tethering and drop prevention products, and learn how GRIPPS® is reshaping safety practices for workers at height.

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Innovations

GRIPPS® is at the forefront of redefining workplace safety. At A+A 2023, we're proud to showcase our latest advancements in tool tethering and dropped object prevention. Our team design innovative products with the end user in mind, practical, high-quality and durable for harsh industrial environments. If you are yet to discover our full range, then Experience The Future of Falling Object Prevention Innovation.

One-on-One Consultations

Our Dropped Object Consultants are available for personalised consultations during the event. Want to dive deeper into GRIPPS® products and services?
Schedule a consultation and gain valuable insights from our experts.

Meet GRIPPS at A+A 2023 - Reserve Your Meeting

Enhancing Workplace Safety with GRIPPS®

A+A 2023 provides a unique platform to explore GRIPPS®' commitment to eliminating critical risks and saving worker's lives. Discover innovative tool tethering approaches and effective dropped object prevention strategies. Join us in creating safer work environments for all.

In conclusion, GRIPPS®' presence at A+A 2023 promises a glimpse into the future of workplace safety. With advanced tool tethering solutions and cutting-edge dropped object prevention products, GRIPPS® invites industry professionals to collaborate in building safer and more secure workspaces. Join us at Hall 1, Stand C18, and be part of the safety revolution!

GRIPPS Stand find at Hall1, C18 (A+A 2023)

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